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Boho nails

These nails design are sure to be a hit on social media. Bookmark your next nail art session because they’re upbeat this season and look great for any occasion. The mix of orange and pink is so well done, if it’s just those two colors, there seem to be more at work. These pink summer nail art ideas are absolutely admirable.

I Love Your Nails is a look at international nail trends, straight from the artists who create them. I’ve reached out to nail technicians in cities around the world to let them know what their clients want most, what tool they like to use to create each look, and what nail polish is their favorite at the ATM. I’ve also noticed some patterns that we’re seeing around the world. Take a look below – you might even find inspiration for your next look. Bon voyage nail adventurers!

We’ve never been more obsessed with our nails. It’s no longer just a quick grind. Now, creating the perfect manicure look is a two-week ritual of rigorous self-care with a trusted manicurist (and soon-to-be best friend), followed by brainstorming about shapes, designs, and techniques. Whether you’re obsessed with a natural look or want big, bold and expressive manicures, the pros are predicting summer’s biggest nail trends.

19 Winter Nail Designs to Try in 2023 | Beauty

Multipurpose nails design

Nail art styles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the texture trend. You may have never imagined that your nails would look and feel like your favorite cable-knit sweater or silk sundress, but artists’ ability to do almost anything in nail art reproduction is growing. “Nail polish and The matte [nail] and gloss options in the gel make it easy to achieve a layered DIY textured look,” says nail artist Elle Gerstein.

“The combination of different artwork on each nail is great! We’re seeing so many fun combinations of colors and patterns, whether it’s nail appliques, press-in nails, or hand-painted artwork, all in the same nail art. The possibilities are endless to let people unleash their creativity.” – Liberator

Refresh your natural nails with a coat of clear nude nail polish, or start with a pre-coated push-in nail that’s easy (fine, light) on your non-dominant hand. These also make it easier for you to glue the pearl decorations on the fake nails before applying them to your own.

Vintage nails

If you prefer classic nail styles to the wacky 2022 nail trends that have been sweeping social media lately, you’ll be happy to know that this latest nail style brings you the perfect combination of minimal nail style and timeless elegance combined.

This winter’s manicure and ring combo looks like something out of a very ~glamorous~ sci-fi movie, which is exactly how I feel. After recreating this look with a nail brush, be sure to finish it with a top coat so your manicure doesn’t change.

Final Word

If you like short square nails, then you can consider this delicate and beautiful nail design as one of the summer nail designs. Glitter foil pieces conjure up images of kitschy elements rather than elegant ones. However, when done smartly, this design can look very stylish – as you can see.

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